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Click here to fill up Appointment form to book an appointment with Ozgian – Ozg Rep Lawyer at your nearby location.

Note: Most of Ozg Appointments takes at-least 30-45 minutes depending on case.  

Team: Most of Ozg Appointments have team of two Ozgians.

How to Get confirmation of booked appointment with Ozg?

Once, you submit appointment form thereafter you will shortly get call from Ozg Communication Officer. In-case, you have not got any response means, you did not fill-up the form with accurate information.

Note: It is required to pay Appointment Fee (if applicable) in advance otherwise, you wont get confirmation of your appointment. If any order is made with in next 2 working days from the date of meeting then appointment fee will be adjusted in total fee of ordered service(s).

Email: appointment@ozgcenter.com